Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hautes Cotes De Nuits - Domaine Saint Saturnin De Vergy - 2009

 Chardonnay (
France, Burgundy, Hautes Cotes de Nuits Price: 10 Euro)
Grassy nose. Hints of bitter almond. Nice finish. 
This is a nice wine that hails from the part of Burgundy that I haven't cycled, thought the Cote Chalonnaise starts directly south of it.  The Cotes de Nuits and the Cotes de Beaune have always been more famous and well received than other Burgundies (though for whites Chablis, probably has a jump on them).  Whether this is due to good marketing or genuinely higher quality is a point of discussion that will probably never have a satisfactory answer.

France's concept of terroir is yet another justification for future cycling trips.  The Cotes de Beaune and Nuits may be just a stone's throw away from Southern Burgundy, but it's a different world, so I'll probably have to go back to the area and cycle them...

Life IS tough...

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